The University of Minnesota Tableau Server provides a secure place for faculty and staff to publish and share visualizations with others.

This infrastructure offers a test environment where administrators can preview and test visualizations prior to uploading them to the Tableau production server.

A Tableau Creator license, which is the replacement for the Perpetual Desktop License which was discontinued in May of 2021, is required in order to create and publish content to the Tableau Server.

Tableau Creator Licensing

Tableau software provides individuals the ability to perform data analysis and visualizations. Users must purchase a Tableau Creator license, which includes the following:

  1. Tableau Desktop
  2. Tableau Prep Builder (additional software download)
  3. Tableau Server Seat

Note that the University of Minnesota Tableau server does not have Tableau Prep Conductor, so Prep Builder workflows must all be run manually. 

Tableau offers a number of free or reduced cost options for students and instructors. Visit z.umn.edu/tab for more information.

For new Tableau Creator licensing or to renew an existing license, email [email protected]. Include your existing license key for renewals. 


  • Publish your desktop visualizations to people that you have defined
  • Connect to a variety of types of data sources
  • Schedule refreshes of your data extracts
  • Share your visualizations with user accounts you control or by embedding a URL into a website

Getting Started

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