Tableau Server provides a secure place to publish your analyses so that others can view and interact with them. Use Tableau Desktop to create your visualizations, then use Tableau Server to securely share them with others.

Once you have requested access to Tableau Server you will use the test server to upload and test your visualizations. Once you are happy with the visualizations, you can upload them to the production server and share them with those you want to add to your site.

Tableau Desktop Licensing

Tableau Desktop software provides individuals the ability to perform data analysis and visualization. Units must arrange for their own Tableau Desktop licensing. For more information, visit tableau.com/pricing

You can get started right away by downloading a free 14-day trial license. Faculty who plan on using Tableau in the classroom and full-time students may qualify for free one-year licensing. Visit z.umn.edu/tab for more information.

For all Tableau Desktop licensing inquiries, contact the U of MN's Tableau account manager, Dan Thill, at [email protected].


  • Publish your desktop visualizations to people that you have defined
  • Connect to a variety of types of data sources
  • Schedule refreshes of your data extracts
  • Share your visualizations with user accounts you control or by embedding a URL into a website

Getting Started

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