Zoom: Pre-Webinar Checklist for Hosts

If you're hosting a Zoom Video Webinar, these steps will help you create the best experience for your panelists, co-hosts, and attendees. 

Note: If this is your first time hosting a Zoom webinar, consider reviewing Zoom's articles and videos to become more familiar with webinars:

2+ Weeks Before

  • Confirm the date, time, title, and description for your webinar
  • Assign webinar roles: host, co-hosts, panelists, and attendees
  • Schedule the webinar
  • Meet with panelists to confirm the webinar's structure and content
  • Decide whether your webinar will require attendees to register
  • Request any necessary permissions

1 Week Before

  • Review the webinar and account settings to confirm they're to your liking
  • Finalize your presentation; add poll questions as needed
  • Check your list of attendees
    • Encourage attendees to download the desktop client or app before the meeting 
    • In the unlikely event that attendees do not have a computer and can't call into the webinar because of long-distance restrictions, consider applying for a Zoom toll-free international dialing code
      • Note: This option is currently only available with meetings and webinars hosted by HST/HCC users.
  • Host a tech rehearsal to review the features of Zoom Video Webinars

30 Minutes Before

  • Start the webinar at https://zoom.us/webinar/list or via your host calendar appointment
  • Enable Practice Session so that only the host and panelists can join
    • Greet panelists and review everyone's roles
    • As panelists join, confirm that their audio and video are running smoothly 
  • Set up and manage webinar tools:
    • Chat: Expand the More menu at bottom to allow or disable attendee chat
    • Participants: Expand the More menu at bottom to allow panelists to start video and mute on entry
    • Q&A: Expand the Options menu at top to allow or disable anonymous questions 
    • PollsSelect Polls to prepare to launch the poll
    • Enable Live Transcription: Click Live Transcript to choose from closed captioning options:
      • Assign transcriptionist roles if applicable
      • Enable Auto-Transcription 

15 Minutes Before

  • Run a final audio, webcam video, and content sharing test
  • Review your host controls

5 Minutes Before

  • Mute all panelists; they will remain muted until the presentation starts
  • Use the broadcast button to move from practice to start mode and allow attendees to join
  • Attendees will join muted; they will be able to see and hear panelists
  • Moderator: welcome the attendees and let them know you'll be getting started soon

Webinar Start Time

  • Start recording (unless you have enabled automatic recording)
  • Unmute yourself and start the video
  • Begin the presentation with welcome and housekeeping items
  • Confirm that other presenters are ready to be unmuted and video is on
  • Monitor Q&A or chat for technical concerns from attendees 

After your webinar

Get support