Zoom: Set Cloud Recording Playback Range

You can set a playback range for a Zoom cloud recording that you share with others, so that it starts and ends at the times you specify, and removes unneeded portions from the beginning and end.

The playback range is setting a specific start and stop point for others to watch the recording but it does not completely remove or trim out any parts of the recording.

  • Setting a playback range is like setting particular timestamps within the recording that you want others to watch, but they will still be able to view the entirety of the recording if they download it. Learn how to Set the Cloud Recording Playback Range at Zoom's Help Center.
  • If you wish to trim out and completely remove specific parts of the recording, you will need to use a video editing program. You will need to download the video and use a video editing program such as iMovie or Clipchamp to edit the recording. 

Note: The Zoom cloud is a temporary space to store recordings. Learn about Zoom Recording and Retention times. To store recordings long-term, download the recording and keep a copy somewhere such as Google Drive, Box Secure Storage, or Kaltura (for class related recordings).

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