Zoom: Set Cloud Recording Playback Range

You can set a playback range for a Zoom cloud recording that you share with others, so that it starts and ends at the times you specify, and removes unneeded portions from the beginning and end.  


  • All accounts in the HealthCare Component (HCC - BAA/BAA+) cannot record to the cloud. 
  • Zoom cloud recordings will remain available for 180 days.  If you wish to retain a Zoom cloud recording beyond 180 days, download the recording and keep a copy somewhere else, such as Google Drive, Box Secure Storage, or Kaltura Media Space.
  • The playback range is setting a specific start and stop point for others to watch the recording but it does not completely remove or trim out any parts of the recording.
    • Setting a playback range is like setting particular timestamps within the recording that you want others to watch, but they will still be able to view the entirety of the recording if they download it.
    • If you wish to trim out and completely remove specific parts of the recording, you will need to use a video editing program, see below in learn more for more information. 


  1. Log into your Zoom account on the web and click My Recordings in the left-hand column.
  2. Make sure you are on the Cloud Recordings tab.
  3. Click the meeting topic for the session for which you want to edit the playback range; then click the thumbnail of the video.
    A new browser tab opens, showing the recording playback and the available controls.
  4. Click the scissor icon to Set Playback Range in the bottom toolbar.
    screenshot of the playback toolbar for a Zoom cloud recording - the set playback range button is highlighted
  5. Use the sliders to specify the start time and the end time for the recording; then click Save
    screenshot of the set playback range toolbar for Zoom cloud recordings - the start and end sliders are highlighted.
  6. If you share the video recording with others, the share link will play only the specified time range. 

Learn More

For more information and screenshots of the above steps, see the Cloud Recording Playback article in the Zoom Help Center.  

If you wish to further edit your recording beyond adjusting the start and end time, you will need to download the video and use a video editing program such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to edit the recording.  If your recording does not contain HIPAA data, you can upload the recording to Kaltura MediaSpace and use the free editing tools in MediaSpace.  You can then share your video with others directly from mediaspace.umn.edu by using the Share button.