Zoom: Recording Retention and Management

Recording Retention

University of Minnesota Zoom recordings that have been saved to Zoom's cloud storage are managed according to the following timeline:

  • After 180 days, recordings are moved to Zoom’s trash folder. Recordings remain in the trash folder for 30 days. While in the trash folder, recordings can be recovered.
  • 23 days after recordings have moved to the trash folder, Zoom will send an email notification alerting the person that they have seven days to recover recordings from the trash folder. The email will also include a list of recordings that are set to be deleted and a link to the page where video recording files can be managed.
  • 30 days after recordings were moved to the trash, they will be permanently deleted, and cannot be recovered.

Action Required to Retain Recordings

If you want to retain recordings older than 180 days, before they are deleted, you must download the files. We do not recommend storing your Zoom recordings on your device. Video files tend to be large and can slow device performance. Take advantage of the following University-funded storage solutions.

Longer-Term Video Storage Solutions

Manage Your Recordings

You can manage your Zoom recordings at any time. To see a list of your recordings, visit zoom.umn.edu, log in, then select recordings from the left navigation menu. From this page, you can view, share, download, or delete Zoom recordings.


If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Technology Help.