Zoom: Mute All Participants

As a host or co-host, you can mute all of the participants in the meeting. 

  1. Select Manage Participants in the toolbar.  
    Screenshot of the Zoom toolbar with Manage Participants highlighted
  2. Click the Mute All button at the bottom of the Participants window.  This will affect the host who clicks the button, and it will also affect any other co-hosts and attendees.
    Screenshot of the Zoom Manage Participant Window with Mute All highlighted
  3. A dialog box will open with a checkbox to Allow participants to unmute themselves.  After checking or unchecking that box, click Continue to mute all current and future participants. 
    Note: Even if you uncheck Allow participants to unmute themselves, the host and co-hosts will always be able to unmute participants.  
    Screenshot of the Zoom Mute All Confirmation Dialog Box