Zoom: Post Webinar Survey or Destination URL

If you are hosting a webinar and want attendees to take a survey or be taken to a specific webpage afterward, you can specify a Post Webinar Survey URL.  Webinar participants will be prompted to take a Qualtrics survey, fill out a Google Form, or be redirected to the website of your choosing at the end of your webinar. 

Note: The HCC instance of Zoom does not record attendees' information. HCC Zoom webinar hosts will need to offer registration using a different method, such as Qualtrics. This will let HCC Zoom webinar hosts follow up with their attendees by using the Qualtrics registration list.

Note:  Even though Zoom has a separate feature intended for non-survey URLs, we recommend that you use the Post Webinar Survey feature instead - even if your destination URL is not a survey or form.  This is because Zoom's separate feature has functional shortcomings.  

  1. Log into umn.zoom.us and click on Webinars in the left-hand column
  2. Click on the topic of the Webinar for which you would like to set Post Webinar Survey URL
    screenshot highlighting the Webinar topic in the My Webinars section of a Zoom profile page
  3. Scroll down and click the Branding tab
  4. Toggle the switch to the On position across from Post Webinar Survey
    screenshot of the branding tab highlighting the post webinar survey section of a Zoom Webinar settings page
  5. Paste in the link to your survey, form, or webpage URL in the field that appears
  6. Click Save
  7. When a participant leaves the webinar or it is ended by the host, participants will receive a prompt in their web browser stating "You are about to access an external website: You will be leaving zoom.us to access the external URL below". That message will contain the URL the host entered in the steps above.  The prompt asks participants "Are you sure you want to continue?" Participants can either click Continue to proceed to the host's designated URL or Stay on zoom.us, in which case they will not be taken to the URL entered by the host.  
    screenshot showing the prompt participants will receive when leaving a webinar with a Post Webinar Survey configured