Z Links: Create and Manage Z Links

Z is a URL shortening service which allows for longer URLs to be shortened. A shortened URL is helpful for social media, printed pieces, or just sharing with others. You can access the service at http://z.umn.edu

Create a Z link

  1. Log in to http://z.umn.edu
  2. Paste the URL into the Destination URL field at the top
    • If you want a custom short URL enter the keyword(s) in the Keyword field
      • For example: z.umn.edu/drupal-lite-online-course
    • If you leave the Keyword field blank, the service will use a random string of characters
      • For example: z.umn.edu/38bk
  3. Click the Z-Link It button
    the shorten link fields to create a new link

Edit a Z link

  1. Log in to http://z.umn.edu
  2. Find the Z link in the list
    • Use the search box in the top right
  3. Click the €¦ in the Actions column
    the options in the actions menu: Share, stats, edit, delete
  4. Select Edit
    1. Edit or change the destination URL
    2. Edit or change the keyword portion of the Z link
    3. Click Submit
      the edit your shortlink section with the URL highlighted and the  short link 3bzk highlighted. There are submit and cancel buttons on the right.

Transfer a Z link to another person

Z links are owned by the person that created them. You can transfer one (or more) Z links to another person.

  1. Log in to http://z.umn.edu
  2. Check the box for the Z link you want to transfer. You can select multiple items.
  3. Click the Bulk Actions button at the top of the table
  4. Select Give to a different user. The Give URLs modal window is displayed.
    the bulk actions menu showing Give to a different user highlighted
  5. Enter the name or Internet ID of the person. The tool will search the University directory for a match.
  6. Select the person from the list of matches.
  7. Click Send URLs. A confirmation window is displayed.
    • Click the Confirm button.
  8. The status bar at the top shows URLs that are pending approval. When the recipient claims them, the message will no longer be displayed for these Z links

The person (or account) receiving the Z link transferal will need to log in to http://z.umn.edu and click the Accept button. They can also choose to Reject the transferal.

the information at the top of the Z page showing that there is a transfer in progress. There's a reject button and an Accept button

Use Collections to organize and manage Z links

You can use Collections to organize and share management of your Z links. A Collection can have multiple members, and any of the members can add, edit, change, or delete any of the Z links in the collection.

Create a Collection for Z links

  1. Log in to http://z.umn.edu
  2. Click My Collections in the menu bar at the top of the page
  3. Click the Add New Collection button
    1. Enter a name and description for the collection
    2. Click Create Collection
      the create new collection fields showing the name and the description

Add or remove members to a Collection

  1. Click My Collections in the menu bar at the top of the page
  2. Find the collection you want to edit
    1. Click the €¦ button in the Actions column
    2. Select Members
      the actions menu for a collection showing the options: members, edit, delete.
    3. Enter a portion of the person's name or their Internet ID
      1. Select the person from the results list
      2. Click the Add Member button
        the add new member search field showing matching users
  3. To remove a member from the collection
    1. Locate the person in the list of members
    2. Click the Remove button
      the remove button

Add Z links to a Collection

  1. Click My Z-Links in the menu bar
  2. Locate the Z link in the list
    1. Click the button in the Collections column
    2. Select the collection
      the select collection drop down showing the list of my collections.

Lost or orphaned Z links

Z Links are owned by the person that created them. There may be instances where a Z link is still in use, but the owner no longer works at the University. If you need to transfer ownership of a Z link, contact 1-HELP and request a transfer of ownership.