Qualtrics: Account Information

Create an Individual Account

  1. Read and agree to the Terms of Use. You can access the Terms of Use any time.
  2. Join the Qualtrics User Google Group.
  3. See Qualtrics Activate UofM Qualtrics Account for for step by step instructions.
  4. If prompted, fill in your graduation date (students only).
  5. If you need help learning how to use Qualtrics, review their training and support resources:
  1. If you are experiencing issues or need further help using Qualtrics, visit the Qualtrics Support Center to contact their support team.

    If your issue is not resolved or you need to work with a UMN Qualtrics Administrator contact [email protected].

    For other inquiries related to the University Survey Advisory Team (U-SAT).


Create a Group Account

A group account allows you to set up an entire team/unit/department with access to the same surveys/data. Below are two options:

  1. Create a group within Qualtrics. Email the names and Internet ID's of the group members to [email protected]. Email [email protected] when members within this group leave the University or need to be removed.

  2. Utilize a departmental email address. Login to https://umn.qualtrics.com using a departmental email address/password to set up a departmental Qualtrics account. Then all group members can login using that email and password to access the same surveys and data.


Migrate an Existing Account

If you created an account outside the University of Minnesota Qualtrics system and would like to migrate the account, contact Qualtrics. Your account can be migrated as long as you have an active UMN Internet ID.

You will have access to everything you own and data will not be lost. Surveys that are in data collection will not be interrupted. If you are concerned about loss of data, we encourage you to export out any data so that it can be uploaded back into Qualtrics post migration.