Printers: Connect to a USB Printer

Small and Medium size office printers use drivers that automatically install when the USB cable is attached to the printer and your computer. You can check the vendor's support page for your printer to get detailed steps about installing these on your computer. 

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HP is a common brand of printers, and has helpful information on HP printer setup (USB cable).


Brother printers are less common than HP, but are still used. Use their support guides to install the printer on your computers.


You can use Lexmark Device Support to identify the type of printer you have, and find additional support resources about your device. 


Use the guides from Dell Support to learn more about installing your USB printer on Windows. 


There are several common steps you can take when your printer does not connect to your computer with a USB cable, such as:

  • Connect USB printer to another computer
  • Swap the USB cable for your printer
  • Check the toner
  • Reset device to factory defaults
  • Install Universal PCL/PS drivers

Your printer's firmware might also be too old to work with Windows 10, and could cause issues automatically installing the Plug & Play USB driver.

HP Customer Support can help you Update the firmware on an HP printer if you believe your printer firmware is outdated.

Additional Information

Please contact Technology Help for if you have questions or need additional help with connecting your computer to a printer with a USB cable.