Phone Model Quick Reference


This article is a visual guide of the types of phones currently distributed and supported on campus.  

Digital Phones

Digital multi-line phone, Aastra ITE12SD, is shown.
Aastra ITE-12-SD

Digital multi-line phone, Aastra ITE30SD, is shown.
Aastra ITE-30-SD

Digital multi-line agent phone, Aastra ITE30SD Agent, is shown.
Aastra ITE-30-SD Agent 

Analog Phones

  Single-line analog phone, Aastra 9116LP, is shown.
Aastra 9116LP

Single-line wall mounted phone, STEW, is shown.

Weather-proof enclosure phone, WEATH, is shown.

Voice over IP (VoIP) Phones

Voice over IP (VoIP)Touch Tone phone, Mitel TDD2, is shown.

Voice over IP (VoIP) phone, Mitel 6863i, is shown.
Mitel 6863i

Voice over IP (VoIP) phone, Mitel 6869i, is shown.
Mitel 6869i

Reference Material

User guides and additional information for all phones listed are available at the Telephone Pricing and Guides resource. The previous model of black single-line analog phone, model LP550 can be found online, but is no longer available for purchase through the University.  The user guide for the LP550 is available at LP550 User's Guide.