Kaltura MediaSpace: Adding Users

Audience: Kaltura MediaSpace users wishing to share content with others.

Not all user accounts at the University of Minnesota are present in Kaltura MediaSpace.

If you cannot find a user when adding a co-editor/co-publisher or changing the media owner or when creating a private channel in Kaltura MediaSpace:

  1. Have the user you cannot find log in to mediaspace.umn.edu. This will create an account for them.
    • If the user's username is shorter than three characters (this is rare): enter their username surrounded by quotation marks, e.g. "kt".
    • If you have a large number of users you need to add to Kaltura MediaSpace, it is possible for Kaltura administrators to add them for you. Please contact Technology Help, note that you want to add a number of users to Kaltura MediaSpace, and be ready to supply a list.

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