JMP: Download and Install JMP Pro Software

JMP Pro statistical software is available to current students, staff, and faculty at the University of Minnesota..

For details on who qualifies for JMP and how to request JMP see the JMP Resource Page


Unzip JMP Install Files
Install JMP Pro (Windows)
Install JMP Pro (Mac)
Check for Updates
License Updates
Additional Resources

Before you start

Check JMP system requirements.

For university-managed computers, check if JMP is available through Software Center (for Windows) or Self Service (for Macs). Install through that route if available, and skip the installation directions below.

For JMP installation other than through Software Center or Self Service, admin-level access is required. If you do not already have this access, request this before you install JMP.

Unzip JMP Install Files

If you qualify for JMP through the University of Minnesota, when you request JMP you will receive a link to download a .zip file. The .zip file contains a Depot which is the term used by JMP for a folder of installation files.

To extract a JMP Depot:

  1. Find the .zip file you downloaded.
  2. Double-click on the .zip file to open the file, and drag the entire folder JMP<version>_Software_Depot and all of its contents to the desktop or somewhere where it will be easy to find.
  • You cannot launch JMP installation from inside the .zip file. Use the extracted Depot.
  • Do not move individual folders or files out of the Depot.
  • A current license file should be included in the extracted Depot. You do not need to download a separate license file.

JMP zip files and extracted JMP Depot folders

Install JMP Pro (Windows)

The JMP Depot extracted above contains installation files for your version of JMP. 

  1. Move through several levels of folders in the Depot:  JMP<version>_Software_Depot/JMP/JMP_Pro/ <version> /Windows  and locate jmppro__<version>__win.exe

    The jmppro_1700_win.exe install file is inside several levels of folders.
  2. Right click on jmppro__<version>__win.exe and select Run as administrator. If someone else manages your computer, you may need to ask for admin-level access.

    Run as administrator option is selected for the jmppro_1700_win.exe file
  3. The JMP InstallShield Wizard starts.
  4. Click Next to move through screens to accept a Destination Folder and Select Features.
  5. Click Install to start installation.
  6. Installation should only take a few minutes. The message Install complete indicates success. Click Finish.

Install JMP Pro (Mac)

The JMP Depot extracted above contains installation files for your version of JMP. 

  1. Move through several levels of folders in the Depot:  JMP<version>_Software_Depot/JMP/JMP_Pro/ <version> /Macintosh  and launch  jmppro_<version>_mac.dmg

    The jmppro_1700_mac.dmg install file is inside several levels of folders

  2. In the JMP Installer window that opens, double-click JMP Pro <version>.pkg

    JMP Pro 17.pkg file

  3. The JMP Pro Installer opens. Select Continue to move through Introduction, Destination Select, and Installation Type screens
  4. Select Install to begin installation.
  5. Enter administrator-level credentials if required.
  6. Installation should only take a few minutes. An Installation completed message indicates success. Select Close.

Check for Updates

When JMP installation is done, you may see a notice that updates are available. This will update JMP to the latest fixes within a given version number, for example from 17 to 17.1. You can also check for updates from the JMP menu.

  1. Start JMP, and look at the JMP menu.
    • Windows: on the JMP menu, select Help - About JMP. On the screen that opens, select Check for Updates.
    • Mac: on the JMP Menu, select JMP - Preferences - JMP Updates - Check Now
  2. You will see a notice if updates are available. Click on Go to update site.
  3. To download an update, sign in to a SAS profile. Create a profile if you don't already have one.
  4. Agree to license terms if requested.
  5. Use the updater for an Annual License.
  6. Download  and save the updater file. This file will update your JMP software. No changes are made to your license.
  7. Run the JMP updater file you downloaded.
    • Windows: Update files are extracted. setup.exe for the updates should start automatically.
    • Mac: A window with a JMP Pro.pkg file opens. Doubleclick that file to start the update.
  8. The update process will look similar to installation.
  9. The update shows a success message. Select Finish (Win) or Close (Mac).


License Updates

JMP software has a license file that expires annually. To find out how to request a new license file, see


Apply the new license file

A JMP license file (also known as a SID file or setint file) is a small text file. It may be included in a collection of JMP license files in a .zip file. If so, extract the contents and find the correct file for your version and OS (Windows or macOS).

If your license has already expired

  1. Start JMP
  2. Select "Open License" on the expiration warning screen.
  3. At the prompt, navigate to the new SID file (license file) that you downloaded.

If your license has not yet expired

  1. Start JMP
  2. From the File menu, select New  -  Script to open a script window.
  3. Enter this line: renew license();
  4. From the Edit menu, select Run Script.
  5. In the resulting Renew Your JMP License window, click Open License.
  6. At the prompt, navigate to the new SID file (license file) that you downloaded.


Additional Resources

JMP has a site with links to Support Documents, JMP Support, and a JMP User Community. See  JMP Support


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