Google Calendar: Resource Calendars

Resource calendars are special calendars used for rooms or equipment. This allows individuals to publicly notify others that they will be using that resource at the scheduled time.

Requesting a Resource Calendar

  • Information to collect:
    • Resource Type - Conference Room, Equipment, Vehicle...
    • Resource Name - 
      • Room - Building abbreviation  Room  Dept  Description
        • Example: WBOB-999 OIT
      • Equipment - Equipment  Unit  Item
        • Example: EQ OIT Dell D630 Laptop
    • Description - A description of what the room is, if any equipment is included or item model number
    • Capacity - Number of people that can sit in the room
    • Floor Number - Floor the room is located on
    • Building floors - List of the floors in the building
      • Example: Basement 1, Basement 2, Mezzzanine, 1, 2, etc. 
    • Other room attributes - Markerboard, Display, Projector, Connectors (HDMI, VGA, etc)
    • Administrator Access Rights - The individual or department account's InternetID that the resource will be assigned to.
    • Auto-Accept Invitations - Does the resource need auto acceptance or does it need approval from the resource admin before it is allocated for an event?
  • Secondary and Resource calendars behave the exactly the same. The only differences are:
    • Resources are searchable in Google Calendar. They will show up when someone:
      • looks for a room to add to a meeting
      • goes to Add-->Browse Interesting Calendars-->More-->Resources for
    • OIT can help if the owner of a secondary calendar leaves without sharing the calendar with others

This information can be sent by email to [email protected] for calendar creation.

Scheduling a Room or Other Resource for an Event

  1. Go to the Event Details page of your meeting. 
  2. On the right side of the screen, select Rooms. 
  3. Do either of the following: 

    Option 1: Start typing any part of the room or resource's name into the box. A list of matching resources appears in the list.  

     Room search for wbob, list populated of available rooms

    Option 2:  Browse the list to locate the room or other resource you want to book. 

     Available rooms only listed

    • If there aren't any available resources, try changing the time or day of your event. To easily find a time that works for all guests and resources, select the Find a time tab.  

  4. After you've entered all event details, remember to click the Save button.  
Booking a room or resource that is unavailable at the time of your meeting is possible, but the room will send a declined invitation notice if it is occupied at the time selected. If you need assistance with building abbreviations, see the directory of building abbreviations.
NOTE: not all Resource Calendars are public/available; the Manager of the Resource Calendar controls this.

Requesting Deletion

Some resources become unavailable temporarily or permanently due to building or technology changes. If a room/resource is no longer available, the manager of the calendar can request its deletion.

When requesting a calendar should be deleted, the first step is to ensure that there are no future events or appointments that rely on that calendar. Owners of these reservations should be contacted and informed that the resource is no longer available. 

Once all events have been removed from the calendar, send an email to [email protected].
Please include the following information:

  • Your title/relation to the calendar
  • Name of the calendar
  • Reason for removal
  • Statement that the Manager recognizes Resource Calendar Deletion is Permanent 
If you have any further questions about Resource Calendars, please contact the Technology Help Desk