Feature Access Code - Anonymous Call Rejection


This feature blocks calls from callers who have their caller ID information suppressed. Callers with suppressed information will hear a message that says "The number you dialed does not accept blocked calls. Please unblock your number and dial again." Anonymous call rejection only works for calls from off-campus numbers.

Please keep in mind that callers with unpublished or unlisted phone numbers will be blocked by this feature, as their caller information is suppressed.


  • Dial [*] [7] [7] to activate anonymous call rejection.
  • Dial [*] [8] [7] to turn off anonymous call rejection.

Additional Information

This feature code works on both digital and analog phones.  If you need help determining what type of phone you have, refer to KB0014948

Please see http://www.oit.umn.edu/voice-services/telephone-guides/index.htm for complete User Guide/Quick Reference information.

Please contact the Service Desk if you need additional assistance.