Drupal Lite: Set a Homepage for your Site

This article applies to Drupal Lite.

When your site is created, it does not have a default homepage. You can set any page to be your site's home page.

Only the Site Owner can set the home page for a site.

Step 1: Create a new page (if you have not yet done so)

Before you set your site's home page, you will need to create a page. A common format used for a home page is the General content type. Follow the instructions for creating a new page.  

Note: if you have already created a page that you would like to use as your homepage, skip to Step 2.

Step 2: Get the relative URL of your home page

Once you've created your home page, note the relative portion of the URL -- the portion that appears after the site URL.

For example, if the page has a URL of sitename.umn.edu/my-new-homepage, then the relative portion is my-new-homepage.

Step 3: Set the home page

  1. Log in to your site
  2. Select Configuration in the administration menu
  3. Select Basic Site Settings in the System category
  4. Scroll down to the Default Front Page section
    1. Enter the relative portion of the page that will be the home page
  5. Select Save Configuration


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