Drupal Lite: Create and Publish a Page

This article applies to Drupal Lite.

There are three default content types in Drupal Lite:

Each content type has different fields and layouts, but they all have the same process for creation, publication, and adding to the menu.

Create and publish a new page

  1. Select Manage in the Administration Toolbar
  2. Select Content in the sub-menu
  3. Select the blue +Add Content button. The list of content types is displayed.
  4. Select one of the content types. The edit content page is displayed.
  5. Fill out the form.
  6. Published is checked by default.
    1. If you do not want to publish the page (because you are still working on it, or it's not ready for publication) uncheck the Published checkbox.
  7. Choose additional options in the top of the right column. See below for explanation of the options.
  8. Select Save.

Set additional options

At the top of the page, in the right column, are the additional options.

Revision log message

It is best practice to always include a revision log message. The revision message helps when viewing the revisions of a page:

the revisions tab is selected, and a list of revisions is displayed. There are radio buttons to select 2 revisions, and a compare selected revisions

Menu Settings

The page can be added to the navigation menu.

  1. Check the checkbox for Provide a menu link. The menu settings expands.
  2. The page title will be the menu link title. This can be changed.
  3. Enter a description (optional).
  4. Select a parent item for the menu item.
    1. Select Main Navigation to place the link in the main navigation menu
    2. Select a Sub-Menu Place Holder to have it be in the sub-menu
  5. Weight is not used in Drupal Lite.

Learn more about working with the navigation menu

Authoring Information

The logged-in user will be the Author, and the timestamp will be the time it was created. Both can be changed. If the author is blank, it will be replaced by Anonymous (0) when saved. If the Date or Time are blank, the current time will be entered when the page is saved.

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