Drupal Lite: Create a New View to Display a List of Content on a Page

Applies to Drupal Lite.

Views are an admin tool that creates and displays lists of content. A common application of views is to create a list of biographies that is displayed in a sidebar of a landing page.

Before making a view, a Teaser Layout should be configured. Refer to Drupal Lite 8, 9: Modify Teaser Layout for Use in a View.

Access to the Views module require these roles:

  • Contributor
  • Content Type Manager
  • Advanced Site Builder

If you do not have access to the views module, please contact the site owner.

Create a New View

  1. Log in to the site.
  2. Select Structure from the Admin Menu.
  3. Select Views.
  4. Select the Add View button at the top of the table.
  5. Enter a View Name
    1. This is an internal name for the view, and won't be displayed on the page where the view is used.
  6. Select the View Settings
    1. Example: If you are creating a list of Biographies, select these
      • Show: Content of type: Biography sorted by: Title
  7. Select Create a Block. The options for a block are displayed.
    • The default options are fine, but can be changed.
  8. Select Save and Edit. The View configuration page is displayed.
    There are many options available on this page to greatly customize the view. The only items that need to be changed are the Format, Block Category, and Pager.
    1. Select Fields next to Show in the Format category.
      1. Select Content.
      2. Select Apply. The row style options is displayed.
      3. Select Teaser as the View Mode.
    2. Select Lists (Views) next to Block Category in the Block Settings. The Block Category options is displayed.
      1. Remove the default category Lists (Views).
      2. Enter Drupal Lite - Lists (Views).
      3. Select Apply.
    3. Select Display a specified number of items in the Use Pager category in the Pager. The Block: Select Pager is displayed.
      1. Select Paged output, mini pager.
      2. Select Apply. The Block: Pager Options is displayed.
      3. The default pager options are sufficient, but can be chagned.
      4. Select Apply.
        the displays panel. The Show field is highlighted. The Block Category is highlighted. The Use Page is highlighted.
  9. Select Save.

There are many more options available to futher customize the presentation of the view. For example, there might be some biographies on the site that are tagged "faculty". Another filter could be added to only include those tagged items.

  1. Select Add next to Filter Criteria. The add filter criteria is displayed.
  2. Type tags in the search box. All items with the word tags is displayed.
  3. Select Tags (field_dl_tags).
  4. Select Add and Configure Filter Criteria. The configure extra settings is displayed.
  5. Choose a selection type which will be used on the next screen.
  6. Select Apply and Continue. The configure filter criterion is displayed.
  7. Make your selections. For example, choose Is one of and select a term from the list.
  8. Select Apply. The palette closes and the view configuration is displayed.
  9. Select Save.

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