Drupal Lite: Modify Teaser Layout for Use in a View

Access to edit the display of a content type requires the following roles:

  • Contributor
  • Content Type Manager

If you do not have the appropriate role, please contact your site owner.

Content Types in Drupal Lite 9 have multiple layouts. Content items can be displayed using different view modes: Teaser, Full content, Print, RSS, etc. Teaser is a short format that is typically used in lists of multiple content items. Full content is typically used when the content is displayed on its own page.

A view is basically a list of other content -- for example, a list of staff or a list of news articles. Generally, the list should contain a subset of the content that is displayed on the Full Page layout -- for example, the person's name and image, or the news article title and a snippet of the article.

The Teaser Layout is used in views. To create a view, please refer to Drupal Lite 9: Create a New View to Display a List of Content on a Page.

Edit the Teaser Layout

The Teaser Layout should be a single column, since it is displayed on a page using a View. 

Any content that is in the content type can be added to the teaser layout. Additional blocks can be added.

  1. Select Structure in the Admin toolbar.
  2. Select Content Types.
  3. Select the operations drop-down button for the content type.
    • Select Manage Display.
  4. Near the top of the page, select Teaser. 
  5. Select the Manage Layout button. The Teaser layout is displayed.
  6. Add, remove, and rearrange the default blocks. 

Select Save Layout at the top of the page.

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