Data & Voice Network Services: Common Good Services

Recurring voice services are financed centrally for University-funded customers.

Non-University funded customers using an agency fund and those who do not get charged via a University EFS account are billed for recurring charges. See the Monthly Service and Delivery Rates and Long Distance Rates pages. Installation and new horizontal wiring costs remain the responsibility of the customer in the form of labor and material charges.


Qualifying Common Good Items
Dial Tone Digital
I-LINEIntegrated Line
MMCNFConference Call
NAILNail connection (used for Asynchronous communications)
Dial Tone Analog
S-LINEStandard Line
EXTJExtension Jack (multiple locations for S-line)
RJ31XExtension Jack for alarm purposes
Dial Tone Centrex
OPLNOff-Premise line
BLMCIBusiness Line - Qwest
800 Services
800RMToll-free numbers used by departments
VM100Voicemail - 100
VMB50Voicemail - 50
VMBOXVoicemail - 25
VMP050Voicemail partitioned - 50
VMP100Voicemail partitioned - 100
VMP200Voicemail partitioned - 200
Voice Mail Dorms
RAVCMLVoicemail for RAs in dorms
ACDGACD Group charge
AGTAACD Agent charge
ACD CALL TYPEACD Call Type pilot for special applications requiring a separate call guide
ACD MONITOR SUPVSupervisor phone associated with ACD Monitor pilot number used for monitoring only - no agent phone charges for this type of ACD
ACD OUTBOUNDSoftware only pilot for outbound call center using centergy
Auto Attendant
AUTATTAuto Attendant
Add-on Software
ABVDAbbreviated Dial - 100 numbers
CEXTCall Extending
CNFR7Conference 7-party (for conf. calls with more than 7 parties)
EXLNExtra Line (used on i-lines only)
HOTLHotline (used in elevators)
OCFWDOff-campus call forward (forward calls to an external number)
SUSPSuspend (to make number inactive, but still save the number)
USW Special Circuit
FPOP22-wire circuit from P.O.P.
FPOP44-wire circuit from P.O.P.
Data Network
T1DS0T1 service
USWCKOutside vendor special circuit charge
H323 VIDEOENDVideo End point charges
SLISDNSingle-line ISDN on campus

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