CrashPlan File Recovery

Code42 CrashPlan is a data protection/backup solution used by faculty and staff of many Colleges and Units at the UofM. There are two ways to restore data from CrashPlan


Restore data from the Desktop Client: 

  1. Log into the Code42 CrashPlan application on your device
  2. Click Restore Files
  3. Browse or search for a file
  4. Mouse over the file, and click the download icon download icon, or select several files and click Restore Files

Restore data from the Code42 CrashPlan web client:

  1. Sign in to the Code42 console.
  2. Click Devices.
  3. Select a device.
  4. From the device details, click Restore.
  5. Select Zip File from the Restore Target options.
  6. In the Web Restore window, select the files and folders to restore.
    If you choose to restore a large number of files, preparing the files for restore might take several minutes.
  7. Click Restore.
  8. Download the zip file containing your restored files.

For more information on restoring from the web consoles see Code42's knowledge page.

Additional Information

For Additional information about CrashPlan please see our CrashPlan Overview article.