CrashPlan Overview and Frequently Asked Questions

Code42 CrashPlan is a data backup service used by Faculty and Staff of many Colleges and Units here at the UofM. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the Software? 

Please see CrashPlan: Installing the Software. If you need any assistance with installing CrashPlan contact Technology Help

How do I restore a file that I deleted?

Please see our CrashPlan File Recovery guide. If you need assistance restoring data from CrashPlan contact Technology Help.

How often does CrashPlan take a backup?

CrashPlan backs up any changed or new files every 30 minutes, but only if the computer is connected to the internet. 

Does CrashPlan take a full backup of all my data every time? 

CrashPlan will initially take a full back up of every file specifically selected in "Manage Files", but each subsequent backup only includes files that were added or changed.  

Does CrashPlan work off campus? 

Yes! CrashPlan works both on and off campus.     

Can other people access my backup? Is it secure? 

Only you can access your backups. CrashPlan data is password protected and encrypted; it uses your Internet ID and password for security. By default you must enter your internet password to access the client. Please see the question regarding computers with multiple users for more information about the security of your data.

Can I backup multiple computers? 

Yes, you can backup up to 4 computers. You will need CrashPlan installed on each computer you want backed up. 

What about computers with multiple users? 

For computers with multiple users one person will have to take responsibility for the CrashPlan backup. By default the CrashPlan client requires that you enter your Internet password in order to access it, but you can disable that setting.

If the Internet password setting is disabled, you are backing up multiple computers, and other people have access to those computers, then those other people will be able to access backups from any of your computers. This problem can be avoided simply keeping the requirement to enter a password enabled. 

Will this affect my system's overall performance?

CrashPlan should not noticeably impact your computers performance. The system resources CrashPlan utilizes can easily be configured. Please contact Technology Help so we can help you to configure the software best for your particular circumstances.

I have a lot of data on my computer, how long will it take CrashPlan to back it up

It can take as little as one day to as long as a week to complete the initial backup. The time it takes depends on the amount of data to be backed up, the speed of your network connection and how often your computer is on and awake. If you have a large amount of data to backup (more than 60GB) consider turning off the sleep function on your computer and letting CrashPlan work all night until it finishes the initial backup. Once the initial backup completes further backups should finish much faster. Please feel free to contact Technology Help if you have any further questions regarding this.

If I accidentally delete all my CrashPlan backups, is there a way to recover them? 

It is possible, however unlikely, to delete all of your CrashPlan backups. This would require several specific steps on your part, including ignoring a clear warning. In the event that this does occur it is not possible to recover your backups from the server, however as long as the data on your computer is still intact CrashPlan can be re-initialized and a new backup can be made. 

Can I manage my CrashPlan backups from the web?

Yes! You can login to the CrashPlan server here: 

How do I know that CrashPlan is running? 

CrashPlan starts on boot up on both PC and Mac. It runs as a service in the background. On Windows the service is called Code42 CrashPlan and on a Mac CrashPlan runs as Java. You can always check on the status of CrashPlan by opening up the client. 

Is CrashPlan replacing Active Directory? 

No! Active Directory is still the preferred location to store your important data. Files stored on Active Directory shares are backed up nightly and the backups are in a different building than the file server. CrashPlan is meant to support and extend the offerings of Active Directory, not to replace it. 

Will CrashPlan backup data on Active Directory shares? 

No. CrashPlan will not backup Active Directory shares on a Windows PCs. This includes the My Documents folder, which is redirected to the Active Directory servers for PC's enrolled in Active Directory. On a Mac it is possible to choose to backup an Active Directory share, but we strongly discourage this since the Active Directory shares are already backed up nightly. 

How do I change my CrashPlan password? 

CrashPlan uses your UMN email address and Internet password, so when you change your Internet password you're also changing your CrashPlan password. 

Can I get CrashPlan installed on my personal computer? 

Yes! Please follow the instructions in our Installing CrashPlan guide. Contact Technology Help if you need assistance installing CrashPlan on your personally owned computer.  

I got a Backup Alert email from CrashPlan! What should I do? 

This just means that your computer was off, asleep or not on the internet for a few days. It is just CrashPlan's way of reminding you that your computer hasn't backed up recently. The default warning is set to 14 days, but you can change how long you want to wait before CrashPlan reminds you about your computer performing a backup in the CrashPlan client settings. Please contact Technology Help if you have any questions about this. 

Additional Questions? 

Please email them to [email protected]

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