CrashPlan: Install the Software

CrashPlan PROe is a back up service used by Faculty and Staff of many Colleges and Units here at the UofM.  To purchase licenses for a new organization or purchase additional licenses for an existing organization in CrashPlan, fill out and submit the CrashPlan licensing form.  

To get started installing CrashPlan, open a web browser and go to 

When prompted for a username or email, use your full UMN email address.  You will be redirected to UMN shibboleth login. 

If you receive an "unable to sign in" error, please contact Technology Help for assistance with getting your account set up or for more information on purchasing CrashPlan licenses.


  1. Click the App Downloads tab in the left hand column and click the download icon for your device's operating system to begin the installer download.
  2. Launch the Code42 CrashPlan Client Installer 
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation 

Once the installation is complete, the Code42 CrashPlan Client launches. You must associate your computer with your CrashPlan account to back up this device. 

  1. CrashPlan sign in screen.
    • Username: your full email address
    • Server address:
  2. You will then be redirected to the UMN shibboleth log in screen.
  3. From the Welcome screen find your device's name and click the details button next to it
  4. From here you can edit or adjust the files you want backed up on your device by selecting the Manage Files button on your right. 
  5. When you are finished selecting files, click save.
Note: The initial backup can take many hours to several days to complete, depending on the amount of data you have on your computer and your internet connection speed. Users are encouraged to disable their sleep mode on their device for the first night while completing their first full backup.
Once the initial backup is completed CrashPlan will use only a minimal amount of internet bandwidth to keep your backup set up to date with new data and changed files from your computer. If the initial backup needs to be interrupted for any reason, CrashPlan will be able to pick up where it left off and finish the backup, however, your data isn't fully protected until the initial backup has completed.

Additional Information