Clearspan Call Center Supervisor: Monitoring Agents and Calls in Queue

This article is an overview of how to sign in to the Web Application for Clearspan Communicator and Clearspan Webex Teams (formerly Webex Engage) as a Supervisor of a call center for monitoring agents and calls in queue. The Clearspan Communicator and Clearspan Webex Teams applications are used for Voice Over IP (VOIP) phones.

Note: VoIP callers should be aware of certain restrictions to 911 calls. Visit for more information

Table of Contents:

Signing In To the Web Application

  1. Connect to UMN - Split Tunnel VPN
  2. Log in at
    • User ID - [10-digit number]
    • Password - Provided Password
  3. A System Use Notification pane should open. To agree to the terms of use, click Accept.
  4. Under Contacts click Agents. Then click on the pencil
    Contacts page with dropdown menus of SEARCH, Group, Personal, Agents. All of the options have an 'x' option and the Personal and Agents have a 'pencil' edit button. The Agents pencil button is highlighted.
  5. Click the box next to the name of your Call Center and then click Save.The Agents will then be displayed. 
    Edit Monitored Agents window open with Call Centers list. The checkbox next to the example Call Center is checked.
    • In this example there are only two agents in the call center and only one is logged in and available to take calls (John Smith).
      Example Agents dropdown expanded with one agent listed as Available and the other listed as Unavailable.
  6. Click on the agent name to see the status.
    Agents dropdown menu expanded with two agents listed. The first agent is in Unavailable status and has it's options expanded to show its Call Center, Join Status, and Skill Level. There are also buttons for SMN, ACD, CALL, and QUEUE.

Monitoring Calls

Options Displayed if Agent Is on a Call

  1. You may force an Agent into the ACD by clicking on the ACD button and then click Available
    Example Agents dropdown with two agents. The first agent is expanded and the ACD button is selected. The ACD button's dropdown menu has options for Available, Unavailable, Wrap-Up, and Sign-Out. Available is selected.
  2. However, the Agent still needs to join the call queue in order to take calls.
    1. Click on the Queue button.
    2. Click Joined.
    3. Click Save.
    4. The agent is now ready to take calls.
      In the Agents dropdown a test agent's details are expanded. The QUEUE button is selected and the window Agent Queue Membership is open. The Joined checkbox next to the example call center. Options for Save and Cancel at the bottom of the window. Save is selected.
    5. The Agent status will now show the Agent is available to take calls
      Example Agents dropdown with two agents. The first agent that was previously Unavailable now shows as Available.

Note: This is what it looks like when the Agent has a call coming in from the Queue:

Example of a test Agent signed into the queue with an incoming call.

Silent Monitoring a Call

Supervisor accounts are able to silent monitor an active call. Meaning, those with supervisor accounts are able to listen in on a call between an agent and a caller using their own communicator. Here is an example of what it looks like from the supervisor account's end during silent monitoring mode:
Example of the full screen for a supervisor account in silent monitoring mode.

Barging In To a Call

To 'Barge' into a call click on the Barge button.  This makes it a three way call. This is a full screen shot of what you will see.
Example of the full screen for a supervisor account in Barge mode. The agent's details is expanded and the Barge button is selected.


Viewing Calls in Queue

Using Dashboard View

There is a Dashboard view option available that shows all agents signed into the ACD and those agents' current states.

  1. Click on the Dashboard in the upper right.
    Clearspan Communicator web application with options in the top right corner for Dashboard, settings, Help, Full Screen, Sign Out. Dashboard is selected.
  2. Find the name of your Call Center and click Show Agents.
  3. All Agents signed into the ACD will be displayed and their current states
    Example of Agents dropdown showing all the agents signed into a test ACD.

Displaying Queued Calls

  1. Go to the main display Queued Calls and click on the tool icon .
  2. Then click Edit Queue Favorite Dialog.
    Tools menu expanded with options to View, Group, Sort, Edit Queue Favorite Dialog. Edit Queue Favorite Dialog selected.
  3. Click on Monitor next to your Call Center name and Save
    Edit Queue Favorites window open with Monitor checkbox next to the test ACD selected.
  4. Now click on your Call Center to see all unanswered calls in Queue.
    Full page showing Contacts section with all Agents in the ACD listed and showing the Queued Calls section with no calls currently in queue.
  5. This display shows one call in Queue waiting to be answered.
    Queued Calls page with an example call in queue.

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