ChimeIn is a student response (clicker) tool created at the University of Minnesota. It is a free alternative to hardware clickers, with more advanced functionality. Participants can access ChimeIn with a mobile device or computer. Instructors can set up ChimeIn to integrate with a Canvas site. 

Integration with Canvas means you can have Chimes that are linked to the gradebook. You have several choices for how ChimeIn assignments are recorded in Canvas. For more details, refer to the Using ChimeIn in Canvas documentation link below. 

Common Uses

ChimeIn can be used in classes, but it can also be used for meetings, conferences, or any type of event in which you want to collect feedback. 

Instructors can use ChimeIn with classes to:

  • Get immediate feedback after a lecture or class activity
  • Have students share when/where they run into class content outside of class
  • Take a rough attendance of who was present in class

Question Types

  • Multiple choice/Multiple answers
  • Slider (rating)
  • Heatmap (choose spot on image) - not accessible to screen readers
  • Text Heatmap (choose text) - not accessible to screen readers
  • Free Response (can create word cloud)
  • Image Response 

Integration into Canvas

Additional Resources