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Published Content & Ad Hoc Reporting

Pre-built enterprise reports, analysis and dashboards and ability to author personal reports.


Published Dashboards, Analysis and Reports

Access pre-built reports, analysis and dashboards that use University enterprise data via MyU. After you've logged in, select Key Links from the top maroon menu bar, and then Reporting Center.  Browsing the categories or filtering by title, you will find reports covering a range of topics including Finance, Human Resource Management, Research, Student Services, and Physical Asset Management.

Ad Hoc Reporting

If the published reports do not meet your needs, you can create your own reports using UM Analytics or the Web Query Reporting Tool. UM Analytics provides a drag and drop interface with interconnected subject areas from the Enterprise Data Warehouse. You can easily and quickly create new reports for your college or department. The Web Query Tool allows you to access and download the data from the Legacy Data Warehouse. You would then need to use another tool like Excel to create your reports.


  • Reporting Center in MyU offers a one stop launching point for pre-built PeopleSoft queries, UM Reports and UM Analytics content
  • UM Analytics Analysis enables users to dynamically interact with the data
  • Published content can be downloaded as Microsoft Excel and PDF files
  • Published UM Analytics content is being developed by University Pillars to meet general needs across the University community
  • Analysts can author ad hoc reports on available data subject areas via UM Analytics (training and access request is required)

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