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Academic Video Production

We can help you to produce videos for your courses or other academic projects.


Media specialists are available to work with faculty and instructional staff to produce videos for courses or other academic projects, including: lectures, interviews and on location demonstrations.

Three full-service video production studios:

St.Paul Campus: McNeal Hall, Room 383
East Bank Campus: Walter Library, Room 216 
West Bank Campus: Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Room 281 
ATSS production team is located in Walter Library, Room 212

Examples of our work


Recording that combines video of the presenter and a computer source (Powerpoint, Surface Pro Tablet, etc) in a controlled environment. Presenters speak directly to the camera while viewing their slides (or other visual aid) on a monitor located directly below the camera lens.

Pre-recorded lectures have some advantages over face-to-face lectures: students can rewind and review, videos can be captioned, and slides and other visual aids can be easier to see and review.

Gopher Glass

A large piece of glass, illuminated by small LED lights and mounted to an adjustable height table. Gopher Glass allows instructors to diagram and convey complex information in a format that looks great from the viewer's perspective and is no different from using a whiteboard in class.


An expert can answer questions posed by an interviewer.


Video is an excellent medium for recording demonstrations. Recorded demonstrations can free up class time for other activities, can be used for many years and in some cases for more than one course.

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University-funded: No charge for faculty, staff, and departments.