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Find technology services for Health Sciences affiliates that support research, education, and patient care

Services & Technologies

Health Sciences Academic Technology Support

The Health Sciences Technology (HST) team provides support for academic technologists and instructional designers in Health Sciences.

Health Sciences Computer and Device Support

Health Sciences Technology (HST) and the University's Technology Help (1-HELP) support centers coordinate providing technology help for Health Sciences customers. This integration provides 24-hour, seven day-a-week (24/7) access and enables HST to focus on the more complex and unique needs of the Health Sciences.

Health Sciences Data and Analytics

The Health Sciences Technology (HST) team provides data analysis, reporting, visualization, integration, and management services to University of Minnesota Health Sciences colleges and units.

Health Sciences Development and Integrations

The Health Sciences Technology (HST) team develops and supports database-driven web applications for non-research related aspects of the Health Sciences including academic and administrative activities.

Health Sciences Infrastructure and Application Hosting

Health Sciences Technology (HST) offers support to University departments that need to store Private Highly Restricted data. The HST Operations and Infrastructure team supports and manages applications and infrastructure to meet University standards regarding HIPAA compliance.

Health Sciences Project Management

The Health Sciences Technology (HST) Project Management Office (PMO) team provides project management and business analysis services to University of Minnesota Health Sciences colleges and units.

Health Sciences Research Data Management

Health Sciences Technology (HST) works with research entities, such as the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), to gather, transform and secure clinical research data. Additionally, the RDM group works with researchers to support the data shelter service line for storing and analyzing data sets securely.