Health Sciences Technology: Request Services

University of Minnesota Health Sciences affiliates can request health science technology services by completing these forms.

Technology Help is also available via chat, phone (612-301-4357) or email ([email protected]), and at walk-in locations during service hours. For questions and help requests regarding clinical issues, you may continue to call 612-626-1978.

Data/File Server Access Request

Add/modify/delete server access for an individual.

This form should be submitted whenever someone joins or leaves your department, or when someone needs modification to their current server access.

Request for Purchase

Departmental computers and devices are now placed via the Bookstore PunchOut on the U Market site. Orders are shipped to University locations through U Market Services as soon as items are ready.

Resources have been created to assist you with placing orders using the new process:

Order Departmental Computer and Peripherals Self-Help Guide
Order Departmental Computer and Peripherals Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborative Account Request

 Request modifications to an existing collaborative account.

A collaborative account is a single Active Directory account ID/password used by multiple individuals to obtain access to an HST supported workstation. HST will determine whether a collaborative account is appropriate for each particular request.

Fairview Clinical Applications Request

Request access, modification of access or removal of access to the Fairview SecureGateway system, i.e. EPIC, Copath from an HST supported device. Fairview VPN is only available to Radiologists and Otolaryngology (iSite and MPV). Fairview Systems REQUIRE all fields be complete.

Those requesting access to Fairview clinical systems primarily for research purposes should request access through Fairview Research Administration. Users must have approval through the Non-Fairview Employed Research Staff (NERS) process before entering these systems. Please see their website or contact [email protected] with any questions.

Request Remote Access to Health Sciences Data

Request remote access to Health Sciences data and set up your VPN.

A full list of VPN options is available: VPN Downloads and Guides.