Health Sciences Technology provides support for academic technologists and instructional designers throughout the Health Sciences. The overall goals of this role are to:

  • Provide a forum for our academic technologists to network and collaborate, resulting in fewer costs associated with software licensing and development.
  • Identify and increase awareness about academic technology needs "unique" to the Health Sciences.
  • Create a bridge between our schools and programs and resources available through the Center of Educational Innovation, Center for Teaching and the Office of eLearning in the Provost’s office, and OIT services for Academic Technology Spaces, Support Services, and Tools, resulting in a fuller and more transparent array of options and resources available. This will ensure better utilization of what is already available at the university and greater participation and interest from our schools and programs on new projects sponsored throughout the University.
  • Provide awareness to the our academic technologists of efforts happening outside of the Health Sciences, including enterprise-wide implementations, third-party reviews of software and tools, and OIT-hosted Communities of Practice. This will result in collaboration outside of the Health Sciences and greater participation in existing CoP.

Please visit z.umn.edu/hsat for information regarding upcoming events.

Getting Started