A Zoom Room is a conferencing space powered by hardware, software, and a Zoom Rooms software license enabling you to join meetings with the touch of a button. Zoom Rooms may be useful for:

  • Conference rooms
  • Administrative offices

For departments and staff interested in transforming a space into a Zoom Room, the University's Video and Conferencing Service provides:

  • Consultation services to help you design a Zoom Room to meet your needs.
  • A list of equipment vendors with University-Wide agreements.
  • Technology Help and best-effort support for equipment

Required Equipment

  • Device to run the software. You will need a dedicated device to "host" the software.
    • To use an existing computer in the planned space, download the Zoom Room software. 
    • Use a system with pre-packaged Zoom Room software, such as a Neatbar, Poly or DTEN system.
  • Device to act as a controller. In addition to the device “playing host” to your Zoom Rooms software, you will need a controller to run Zoom. Controllers can be
    • Android Tablets
    • iPads
    • Purpose-built devices such as AMX panels

Optional Equipment

Additional equipment to enhance the conferencing experience can vary according to your space and your needs. Potential additional equipment will be discussed in your consultation and may include:

  • TV displays
  • Speakers
  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • Mounts/locks for devices


Integration with Google Calendar

To schedule your Zoom Room with Google Calendar you will need a Calendar Resource created for your space within Google. UMN OIT Desktop Support is available to assist with creating a Calendar Resource for your space if required. Once the resource calendar is created, we are able to associate that with your Zoom Room for improved functionality.

Note: The use of a Google calendar for University classroom spaces with Zoom Room capability currently requires manual updates to match Astra Schedule, the University's official schedule of record.

Support and Maintenance of a Zoom Room

Technical support

For all technical issues please contact Technology Help. If Technology Help is unable to resolve the issue they will escalate your issue to the appropriate team. Failures of Zoom Room hardware will receive our best effort in terms of support but should be addressed by the vendor or installer.

Zoom Device Management

Zoom Room Devices and Mac devices can be enrolled in Zoom Device Management to provide additional remote management from the Zoom web portal by Zoom Administrators.

Note: Zoom Device Management is unavailable to devices that are required to be HIPAA compliant.

Software updates

Keeping your equipment up to date with the latest software versions helps keep your devices more secure and running with the latest features. We recommend that you check for updates weekly.