Start of Semester Checklist

This comprehensive checklist is organized to support your upcoming semester preparation. Work through these topics to confirm your Canvas course site is ready and shared with students. Click on each header to find more instructions on each topic.

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Finding your course site

You can find your Course Site by going through MyU or directly to (Direct links to your course sites are not available in MyU.) Academic courses are automatically created and instructors are assigned based on PeopleSoft. Learn when academic course sites are available for the upcoming semester. If you aren’t finding your course, you may need to reach out to your department scheduler.

Importing or creating your content

There are two ways to add content to your Canvas course site:
importing content or creating directly in your Canvas course site.

Importing Content

You can import from a previous Canvas course, a development site, or a file exported from another learning management system. Be selective and import only the parts you need for the new semester. 

Creating your content

Create your content directly in your Canvas course site. Self-Help guides are available to assist you.

If you're interested in using a course template, contact your unit's Canvas contact for available templates or review some Canvas templates that are being used by other UMN colleges.

Combining multiple sites into one course site

You can manage course and section enrollments in a single course site by merging / cross-listing your course sites.

Cross-listing is helpful when:

  • A course has multiple sections and uses the same content.
  • There are undergraduate/graduate/honors courses using the same content.
  • An interdisciplinary course is offered through and taught by multiple departments/colleges/campuses (check with your departmental scheduler).

Reviewing Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions

Reviewing course details

Making your site available to students