Canvas: Publish/Unpublish Content Items

Most items created in your Canvas course (files, assignments, pages, modules, etc.) must be published before they are visible to students. In addition, the course itself must be published before students can access it. (See Publish a Course.)

  • Published content is indicated by a green check mark symbol published-icon.PNGx to the right of the item.
  • Unpublished content is indicated by a grey international no symbol canvas-unpublished-content-icon.JPGxto the right of the item.

Publishing/Unpublishing Individual Content

Content can be published or unpublished by clicking the appropriate symbol next to each item. This action can be done anywhere that the item is listed with this published/unpublished icon (e.g. in Modules, Assignments, etc.).

two items, one published, one unpublished

Publishing/Unpublishing Modules

Click the appropriate symbol to the right of the Module name to publish or unpublish it.

  • Note: When you publish a Module, any unpublished individual module items will automatically be published. You may want to postpone publishing a Module until all module items are ready. Or you can publish the Module and then unpublish individual items as desired.

published module; all items are indicated as published


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