Canvas: Reset Groups after Importing a Course Site

During a course site import, all group Assignments and Discussions will be assigned to a single group set called Project Groups.

This article covers what you need to do to re-create your groups.

Tip: Waiting until the 3rd week of class to populate your group(s) may help to minimize the number of changes you will need to make to group membership as a result of students adding or dropping

If your course had only one group set

Any group Assignments and Discussions are now associated with the Project Groups group set. If you delete this group set, you will need to create a new one and reassign each group Assignment/Discussion to that new group set.

  1. Rename the imported group set (called Project Groups) to include the course designator. The newly named group set will automatically be associated with any existing group assignments.
  2. Set up your groups.

If your course had multiple group sets

Unfortunately, when you import a course with multiple group sets, all group assignments will be assigned to the single group set Project Groups. You will need to:

  1. Recreate each group set.
  2. Set up your groups.
  3. Edit each group assignment/discussion and associate it with the appropriate group.



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