Installing and Configuring Fugu

This guide is based on Fugu version 1.2.

You can download Fugu.

FTP & SFTP. Double-click the disk image (.dmg) for Fugu. Click Agree on the license agreement to complete the expansion of the disk image. The Fugu virtual disk will mount onto your desktop. Double click the virtual disk,to open a window with the Fugu program in it. Please copy the Fugu program to your hard drive, preferably to the Applications folder. In the Applications folder, open the Fugu application by double-clicking on its icon.


Navigating Directories in Fugu

Uploading and Downloading Files in Fugu

Setting Files Permissions in Fugu


Need more help?

If you more help using Fugu, please see the help files that come with the program, or contact Technology Help.