Zoom: Do I need a webcam?

You do not need a webcam in order to join a Zoom meeting or webinar. 

However, without a webcam, you will not be able to enable video. Things you will still be able to do include:

  • view the other participants who are using webcams 
  • listen to the meeting or webinar audio
  • view screen sharing
  • share your screen (if this is enabled by the host) 
  • participate in breakout rooms, polling, chat, and Q & A (as long as those are enabled by the host). 

If you would like to use your video in a Zoom meeting and you do not have a webcam on your computer or access to an in-room video conferencing system, consider using the Zoom app on a smartphone or tablet.  The Zoom app for Android and iOS can use the native front-facing/selfie camera on a mobile device as a webcam.


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