Top Hat: Getting Started for Students

Top Hat is a comprehensive teaching platform that helps encourage an interactive lecture experience.

You only need Top Hat if you are taking a course with an instructor that is requiring Top Hat.

What to expect

  • If you are enrolled in a course that will be using Top Hat, your instructor will prompt Top Hat to send an invitation to your email.
  • Follow the directions in that email to create your account (if you don't already have a Top Hat account) and join the class.
    • Be sure to use your email to set up your account! This ensures your grades can be easily transferred to Canvas.
    • During the process, if your college has not purchased a license for you or you do not already have your own Top Hat license, you will be prompted to purchase a license for Top Hat.
      • Typically teachers arrange for Top Hat vouchers to be available at the UMN Bookstore.
      • You can also purchase directly from the Top Hat website.
      • Do not purchase your license more than a week before classes start.
  • Browse the Top Hat orientation materials.
  • If you have any issues with your Top Hat account or getting Top Hat to work on your device:
    • Visit Top Hat Support online.
      • Chat directly with Top Hat support.
      • Search the Top Hat knowledge base for an answer to your problem.
    • If the problem is with your device, drop in help is available at the Technology Walk in locations.
    • If it is a problem with grading, please contact your instructor.

Additional Resources