TDX: Work with Unique Requestors

Sometimes a user's name will not easily be found in the Requestor field. Use this article if you cannot find the name or internet ID of the person requesting help.

In this article:

Using the Lookup Requestor feature

You can click the Lookup Requestor to do a search. A new window will open with multiple search options including Employees or Non Employees or Both (default), Active (default) or Inactive or Both.
TDX Lookup requestor. Search box (by name or internet ID) - Options: Employees, non-employees, both (default). Acct/Dept: Start typing or click the search icon. Options Active (default), inactive, both.

Finding Users with Suppressed Entries

Some people have chosen to keep all of their University of Minnesota contact information private or suppressed. In this situation, they will not appear in the Lookup Requestor search. You will need to use the Unknown User name in the Requestor field (see section below).

If someone has recently updated their account to be suppressed but it had previously not been suppressed, you can search for them using the Inactive radio button within the Lookup Requestor options. Always try this search method first when a user has a University account and is not showing up in the regular search methods:

  1. Click the Lookup Requestor button to the right of the field.
  2. Click the Inactive radio button.
    Acct/Dept field options Active, Inactive, both. Inactive highlighted.
  3. Type the user's name or internet ID in the search field.
  4. Select Search (top left corner). The previously unsuppressed user should appear.
  5. If no user name appears in the search results, you can be assured that it is a suppressed user account and can continue with the instructions on using Unknown User in the Requestor field. 

Working with Users who have no U of M Internet ID

  1. Type Unknown User into the Requestor field.
  2. Select the appropriate department that they are associated with. 
    • If they are not associated with any department, put Information Technology (TINF) in the Acct./Dept field.
  3. Enter the user's email and phone number into the Alternate Contact Information field. 
  4. Uncheck the Notify Requestor box.
    Requestor (name of impacted person): "Unknown User." Notify Requester box unchecked.
  5. Fill out the rest of the required ticket fields.
  6. Press Save.

Note: TDX will not automatically send emails to the address in the Alternate Contact Information field.

Updating a ticket for an Unknown User

  1. Navigate to the Details (static view) of the ticket.
  2. Click Actions and select Update from the dropdown menu.
  3. Update the ticket as needed and write user-friendly comments in the Comments box.
  4. Put the information that you used in the Alternate Contact Information field in the Other Email Addresses field.
    Other Email Addresses field found below the Notify and Notify Other people fields
  5. Click Save

TDX will send an email with your update to the user's email address.

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