TDX: Warm Transfer a Ticket (OIT User Support)

A warm transfer occurs when one technician passes a call to another technician.

The instructions below are written for ticket transfers between Tier 1 and Tier 2 in User Support Services. Follow these instructions any time you need to reassign a ticket that you are working on to another Responsible Group.

For help in learning how to do this with the current use of Clearspan, see VOIP Guide for Tier 1: Warm Escalation Process for more instructions. 

Tier 1 Role

  1. Navigate to the Details (static view) of the ticket you need to escalate.
  2. Click Action and select Reassign Incident.
    Actions menu with Reassign Incident option highlighted in the dropdown menu
  3. In the new Reassign Incident window that will open, enter the name of the Responsible Group you are escalating the ticket to in the New Responsibility field.
    Reassign Incident pop up window with New Responsibility field and comments field. "Notify the new resource of the assignment" checkbox is checked.
  4. If completing a Warm Escalation via phone: 
    • Do NOT put any specific technician name in the New Responsibility field.
    • Uncheck the Notify the new resource of the assignment box.
    • Include brief Comments since you have already consulted with the group technician taking the ticket via phone.
  5. Select Save in the upper left hand corner of the window.

T2 Role for Taking Responsibility a Ticket During a Warm Transfer

If you are already viewing the ticket during a Warm Transfer :

  1. Select the ticket Actions menu and choose Take Incident from the dropdown menu.
    Actions dropdown menu open with Take Incident option highlighted
  2. Select OK in the pop up window that asks "Are sure you want to take primary responsibility for this ticket?" The ticket Details update to show you have taken responsibility on behalf of your Group.
    popup window message that says, " says, 'Are you sure you want to take primary responsibility for this incident?'"

When you scroll down through the ticket Details (static view) of the ticket, you can see the Responsibility field updated to show your name next to your Group name.
Responsibility example with T2 OIT Technology Training listed for the group and Geoffrey Rockstroh listed for the technician

Scroll further to see the ticket Feed updated to show you claimed the ticket.
Feed of ticket showing an updated feed message that Amelia Earhart took primary responsibility for the ticket

Completing a Delayed Escalation 

To complete a delayed escalation of a ticket--where no phone interaction is involved in moving a ticket from one Responsible Group to another--Tier 1 should follow the steps to Transfer Ownership of a Ticket. The Tier 2 technician would then complete that delayed escalation process by using the steps outlined in Take Responsibility for a Ticket from your Group's Queue.