TDX Request: Handle a Generic Request

Anytime a user contacts us with a Request (something is needed for a job; not when something is broken), complete a thorough search for a Service Request form in the Client Portal. If no form is found, use these instructions to create a request ticket. 

Opening a Generic Request ticket in TDNext

  1. Navigate to the U of M Tickets app.
    TDX Users Desktop. U of M Tickets tab highlighted.
  2. Select +New in the menu bar and choose Service Request form from the dropdown menu. A request ticket opens in a new window.
  3. Fill in the form fields that you can based on the information that the user gives you.
  4. In the Responsible field, put the group name that is most closely associated with the technology area that the request is about.
  5. In the Description field, write a user-friendly message that their request is being sent to an appropriate team who will follow up with them soon.
  6. Select Save on the ticket. The user will receive an email with your message in the Description field, and the Group you put in the Responsible field will be alerted about the ticket.