TDX Request: Check the Status of a Service Request for a User

After a user has already filled out a Service Request form, they may call in to see the status of the request. This article walks through the steps to do that without making a ticket. If you are a part of a unit or department that tracks every customer contact with a ticket, follow the directions in Handling Service Request Inquiries

Checking the Status of a Service Request

To find information on a user's requests without making a ticket, you can use the People app of the tool.

  1. Click on the Applications menu
  2. Click on the People app icon.
    People app icon
  3. Type the name or internet ID of the user into the Search field. The user's name will appear below the search area.
  4. Click on the user's name. A new window with that person's profile will open.
  5. Click on the Tickets tab. A list of all tickets associated with the user will appear.
    TDX user profile, tickets tab selected and highlighted.
  6. Click on the Title or ID number of the Service Request ticket the user would like to be updated about. The ticket opens in a new window.
  7. Scan the right side of the ticket to see what the Workflow area communicates:
    Service request ticket.  Workflow section with example workflow stage.
    • Hover over any boxes in the Workflow area to see where it is at in the process.
  8. Scroll to the bottom and scan the Feed area of the ticket. Scan for any notes about where the request is in process.
  9. Click Comment to the right of the ticket Feed. A comment box opens up in the feed.
  10. Type a message in the comment box saying that the user called in requesting the status of the service request.
  11. Click In the Notify box, 
  12. Click the box next to the Responsible Group to send them the notification.
    Ticket comment, Notify dropdown menu expanded. Example Responsible group highlighted and checked.
  13. Click Save.
  14. Close the ticket window.
  15. Let the user know what you can see about the status and that you have notified the Responsible Group about the user calling in regarding the status of the request.