TDX Incident: Work a Ticket

After you Create an Incident Ticket, you will complete much of your work on the ticket using the Actions menu button. If you need to revise one of the original ticket fields (such as the priority of the ticket), see Edit a Ticket.  This article covers common steps in working on a ticket:

Taking responsibility for a ticket

If you determine you will be able to help the user resolve a ticket, you will need to take responsibility for it.

  1. Select the Actions menu and choose Take Incident from the dropdown menu.
    Ticket actions dropdown menu expanded with ticket options. Take Incident highlighted.
  2. Select OK in the pop up window that asks "Are sure you want to take primary responsibility for this ticket?"
    pop up window that asks “Are sure you want to take primary responsibility for this ticket?”
    The ticket Details update to show you have taken responsibility on behalf of your Group.

When you scroll down through the ticket Details, the static view of the ticket, you can see the Responsibility field updated to show your name next to your Group name.
Responsibility field showing Group name and technician name.

Scroll further to see the ticket Feed updated to show you took primary responsibility for the ticket.
Ticket Feed update with example user named. Text "Took primary responsibility for this incident from Service Desk" highlighted.

Updating the Status of a ticket

As you work through the ticket to resolution, you should update the ticket status to In Process.

  1. Click the Actions button and select Update from the dropdown menu. A new window opens.
    Ticket actions dropdown menu expanded with ticket options. Update highlighted.
  2. Change the Status field to In Process using the dropdown menu.
    • Important: Selecting the In Process status fulfills the Respond by SLA for the ticket. 
  3. Add any additional worknotes in the Comments box if applicable.
  4. Add additional people to the Notify field if applicable, or you can select yourself in the Notify field. 
  5. Select Save at the top of the window. The Update ticket window closes taking you back to the ticket Details. The ticket Feed will show a summary of what you just did including your Comments.

Adding work notes to a ticket

You can add work notes to the ticket any time using the Actions > Update steps as detailed above. You can also quickly add worknotes to the ticket Feed directly from the Details view.

  1. Scroll down to the ticket Feed in the Details view.
  2. Click the Comment button in the top right corner of the Feed. An editable Comments box and a Notify field appear in the Feed area.
    Ticket Feed Comments box. "Make comments private (only visible to U of M Tickets Users)" checked. Notify... and comments sections. Buttons Save, Cancel.
  3. Type all worknotes in the Comments field. 
  4. Click into the Notify field and select yourself.
  5. Keep the Make Comments Private box checked.
  6. Click the Save button. The ticket window will update with your work notes listed in the ticket Feed.

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