TDX: Create a Ticket Task

Ticket Tasks can be created for all ticket classifications (Incident, Request, Major Incident, etc.). Ticket Tasks are used to assign a specific job to another Responsible Group. The group will then complete the task in conjunction with other work that needs to be done so the ticket can be resolved. 

The original Responsible Group continues to own the ticket while other groups own its tasks accordingly. This article covers the following topics:

Creating a Ticket Task

  1. Go to the Details (static view) of the ticket that needs to have an associated task.
  2. Click +Add in the ticket menu and choose Task from the dropdown menu.
    Incident menu bar. Tasks/activities tab highlighted displaying a task
    The New Ticket Task window opens.
  3. Write a clear description of the task in the Title field.
  4. Select any Predecessor tasks from the Predecessor menu, if applicable. (This field will seldom be used for Incident tasks.)
    • Note: A Predecessor task is one already made for a ticket. The Predecessor task needs to be completed first before the new task can begin. 
  5. If applicable, click on the Due Date field and use the calendar selector tool to choose a due date. 
    • The Start Date and Due Date fields do NOT have to be completed.
  6. Leave the Estimated Hours field and Complete Within field as they are. 
    • Even though there is a red asterisk next to the Estimated Hours field, you can leave it as 0. You will still be able to save the task.
      Estimated Hours and Complete Within boxes highlighted. Added text overlay: "leave as is."
  7. Type the name of the Responsible Group in the Responsible field.
    • Note: Although you can fill in the Responsible field with the name of a specific technician, this field must have a Responsible Group name in it for proper tracking and reporting. See Taking Responsibility for a Ticket Task on how to assign yourself to the task. 
  8. Fill in the Description field with a thorough explanation of what needs to be done for this task to be complete. 
  9. Press Save (top of the New Ticket Task window). The window closes taking you back to the ticket Details. 

Editing a Ticket Task that you created

You can edit any details of a ticket task you created from the ticket that the task is associated with.

  1. Navigate to the Details (static view) of the ticket that has the ticket task you need to edit.
  2. Click the Task/Activities tab in the menu bar to see all tasks associated with that ticket.
  3. Select the Edit icon below the task information. The Ticket Task window will open.
  4. Update the fields as needed.
  5. Select Save at the top of the Ticket Task window.

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