TDX Approvers: Find and Approve Your Requests (Individual Approvers and Key Contacts)

Individual Approvers and Key Contacts receive an email notification when they have a request that needs to be approved. The email notification has a direct link to the ticket area where the approval or rejection can take place. 

Finding and Approving Your Request

  1. Go to the email notification in your inbox.
  2. Click the link provided to view the request in the TDClient Portal. 
  3. If prompted, login in with your U of M internet ID and password. You will be sent to a view of the ticket.
  4. If you do not need to review the request further, you can Approve or Reject the request using the buttons on this page. Otherwise, to view the request in more detail, click the link provided under Service Request Details.
  5. Review any needed information in the ticket:
    • #1: ticket title and ticket ID number
    • #2: the name and contact information of the person making the request
    • #3: the details of the request
      View of completed Request ticket in Client Portal with three things pointed out: 1. ticket title and ticket ID number 2. the name and contact information of the person making the request 3. the details of the request
  6. If you need to contact the Requestor for more information regarding their request, scroll to the bottom of the ticket view to the area called the Feed.
    Request ticket feed with feed highlighted
  7. Click the Comment button on the right of the Feed. A Comment box will appear in the Feed.
    Comment box in Ticket Feed with cursor in Comments area
  8. Type a message in the Comment box indicating what additional information you need
    • If you only want to approve part of the request, clearly describe what is approved and what is not being approved in the Comment area.
  9. Click into the Notify field. A dropdown list of all people and groups associated with this ticket will appear.
    Notify field Dropdown menu with T2 Provisioning and Requests (Responsible Group) selected
  10. Click on the people who need to be notified of your comments. Anyone in the Notify field will get an email notification with your comments along with a link to the ticket.
    • Be sure to select T2 Provisioning and Request (Responsible Group).
    • If you want to notify the person making the request, choose the name of the person next to the (Requestor) label.
    • If you click on a name and then decide that you do not want that person notified, use the X icon next to the name within the Notify field to delete that person from the field.
    • Names labeled (Contacts) are most likely other people working on approving certain aspects of the ticket. Unless there is a specific reason, you do not need to send a notification to them. 
  11. Click Save.The comment box will close and you will be taken to the top of the ticket view.
  12. Scroll to the bottom of the ticket to review your comment posted in the ticket Feed.
    Ticket Feed with Ticket Task message and action listed
    • The Feed entry will also show who was notified. 
    • If you selected a group to be notified, you will not see the group name next in the Feed. Instead, you will see the individual group members listed. 

You can make additional comments regarding the ticket by following the steps above. 

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