TDX: Add an Attachment to a Ticket

You can attach one or more files to a ticket. There are multiple methods of attaching files to a ticket. 

    Dragging and dropping to add an attachment

    While dragging and dropping a file is potentially quicker than browsing to select it, file size cannot exceed 20MB. For files larger than 20MB, follow the instructions in Browsing to add an attachment (on this page).

    1. Navigate to the ticket that needs an attachment.
    2. Find a file on your computer you'd like to upload as an attachment.
    3. Click on the file, then drag and drop it into the Attachments section of the ticket. The file will automatically upload and appear listed in the Attachments section. 

    Browsing to add an attachment

    1. Navigate to the ticket that needs an attachment.
    2. Click Add in the ticket taskbar; select Attachment in the dropdown menu. The Add Attachments window pops open.
      Ticket taskbar. Add dropdown expanded. Attachment highlighted. 
    3. Select Browse and choose the desired file from your computer.
      Add attachments window. Browse... button highlighted.
    4. Click Open. The file populates to the Add Attachments window.
    5. Click Upload to add the file to the ticket.
      add attachments window; browse button highlighted
      • You can attach additional files uploading them one at a time.
      • Any files added appear below the Requestor information in the Attachments block on the right side of the General tab within the ticket.
      • Note: this method of uploading attachments allows a greater maximum file size of 50MB. 
    6. Click View in the attachment block to view the file.
      attachment block; view links highlighted
      Note: You can click the name of the attachment to download it but many attachments will not display properly when downloaded.

    Adding and sending an attachment to the Requestor when updating the ticket

    You can also add and send attachments to customers when updating a ticket.

    Note: There is a maximum file size of 6.5MB when sending attachments to a Requestor. 

    1. Click Actions and select Update in the ticket you are working on. 
    2. Set a New Status.
    3. Add Comments and uncheck Make comments private.
    4. Select the Requestor and other contacts you wish to notify. See TDX: Communicate Through a Ticket for more guidance.
    5. Click in the Attachments field. You can select existing attachments or add new ones. (Note: Customers will not receive any files attached to the ticket unless you select them specifically.)
      • To select existing attachment(s), use the autocomplete menu or click the Lookup button.
      • To add an attachment, click the Lookup button and Browse for new files to Upload
        Attachment Lookup pop-up window
    6. Select Save when you are ready to send your update with attachments. The Requestor will receive an email notification that includes the attachment(s).
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