Self-Help Guides: Add a Resource to Display Inline

An effective use of a single-column self-help guide is to display the step-by-step instructions inline instead of as a linked resource. Displaying content inline is only recommended for single-column self-help guides.

Before choosing to display content inline in the self-help guide there are a couple of things you need to know:

  • To have the contents of a page displayed inline in the self-help guide the page must be created using the General page content type.
  • In a subcategory where you have chosen to display inline content no other links to resources can be displayed. Only the page displayed inline will be visible.

Note: These instructions assume you have logged into your Drupal site and that you have permissions to edit content in the site.

Adding a Resource to Display Inline

  1. Click Content in the Administrator Toolbar.
  2. Search for the Self-help Guide Column you want to update, and click Edit.
  3. Click Links in the Subcategory where you want to add a link. The list of links for that subcategory will open.
    Self-help guide Drupal form with Links menu highlighted
  4. If all Link fields are used, click the Add another item button below the last link.
  5. Enter a title for the link in the Title field.
  6. Enter the relative URL to the internal webpage in the URL field.
    • Note: Start typing the title of the internal webpage and Drupal will generate a list of matching pages that you can pick from.
  7. Check the box next to Display full body text for internal link
    • Note: Only links to pages in the same website as the Self-help Guide that are created using the General page content type can be displayed inline.
      Self-help guide Drupal form with the checkbox for displaying full body text highlighted
  8. Add keywords in the Filter Keyword field. 
    • Note: These keywords will help to surface the link when a visitor uses the Self-help Guide filter*. 
  9. Save or Publish the column.
    • Note: The options you see for saving and/or publishing the column will depend on how your site is set up.

*The Self-Help Guide filter functionality is currently not available. It may be added to the module at a later time.