Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Configuration Settings

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol facilitates easy access to contact information. On the U of M Campus, we use LDAP as an email directory which contains contact information for all University of Minnesota users who have an email account. The information contained in the LDAP Directory is similar to the information available on the Lookup page: publicly available contact information for U of M users. Most contact managers work with the LDAP protocol, but a few of the most popular options and common are listed below: 

  • Apple Contacts (for Mac OS X and iOS devices)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows)
  • Microsoft Outlook (for Mac OS X and Windows)

A list of other LDAP clients is available on Wikipedia's explanation of LDAP clients.

All LDAP clients can be set up with the same configuration settings:

  1. Contacts > preferences > Accounts > add new account
  2. Select other contacts Account
  3. Select LDAP
  4. Server Address
  5. Scope: subtree
  6. For Security, select SSL or STARTTLS
  7. Enter port number 389 and un-check Use SSL
  8. Under Search Base (or Base DN) enter o=University of Minnesota,c=US
  9. Note: This is space sensitive and must be entered exactly as seen above
  10. Authentication: None
If the LDAP client prompts for a username or password, please leave these fields blank. The University Directories are public, and do not require authentication to access.

If you have any questions about setting up LDAP on your device, please contact Technology Help