Jadu Forms: Choose an Action Template Type

When you create an Action Template, you will be prompted to choose a Template Type. Some of the listed Template Types are unavailable in our implementation of Jadu Forms, as shown in the list below the screenshot.

Jadu Forms Action Template Types

  • Completion
    • Show content on form completion - display response page with submitted content
  • Email
    • Send Email - send one or more emails
  • Event Booking - unavailable at University of Minnesota
    • Amend Booking Details
    • Delete Booking
    • Move Booking
  • File Output
    • Export as file
  • Jadu CXM - coming soon at University of Minnesota
    • Attach File
    • Create Case
    • Create Person
    • Edit Case
    • Invite User
    • Transition Case
  • Jadu Directories
    • Submit a Directory Entry- unavailable at University of Minnesota
  • PDF Generation
    • Create PDF of Submission - populates your existing PDF with Jadu data
  • Perceptive Content
    • Submit Data - submits your already-generated PDF to Perceptive Content



Last modified

March 5, 2021