Jadu: Existing XFP User: I need to add CXM

Step 1: Gain Familiarity with XFP and Build a Form

In order to begin working with CXM (workflow), you must be familiar with some basic XFP functionality. This includes:

  • Creating a form
  • Understanding how Logics work
  • Ensuring your form works by completing thorough testing

Step 2: Attend a Jadu CXM Training

Training is mandatory prior to gaining access to Jadu CXM. This CXM training teaches attendees how to:

  • Setup workflow
  • Create alerts
  • Connect your Jadu XFP form to your Jadu CXM workflow

To register for training, go to: Jadu CXM Training.

Step 3: Request Access to CXM

To request access to CXM, submit an Access Request Form (ARF) for Jadu Forms in TDX.

  1. In TDX, go to Client Portal. 
  2. Select Find Access & Service Request Forms. The Service Catalog opens. 
  3. Select Services A-Z from the top menu bar.
    TDX service catalog. Services A to Z highlighted in the menu bar.
  4. Pick J.
  5. Select Jadu Forms ARF.
    Jadu forms ARF link with description Jadu forms in an enterprise level form creation and management platform. It is a web-based tool for creating, routing, and maintaining e-forms. 
  6. Select Request Service on the right. The ARF for Jadu Forms opens.
  7. Complete the ARF fields. When you reach the section What access is needed?, select Jadu CXM (workflow). Jadu CXM (workflow) options appear.
    1. Enter your Jadu Category.
      • Note: If you don't know your category, please contact the person in your unit/group who approves these requests and they can provide it to you.
    2. Select the Jadu CXM Role needed.
      Jadu CXM roles choices. Case builder: create, edit and delete statuses, transitions, rules, emails and forms in a Category. Case Supervisor: Edit and update case status for case submissions within an assigned Category. Case viewer: view case submissions within an assigned category.
    3. Refer to the following Jadu CXM role matrix:
      Jadu CXM role matrix
        Case Builder Case Supervisor Case Viewer
      Edit case types for my service X    
      View submissions within my category X X X
      Edit submissions within my category X X  
      Change status of a case within my category X* X*  
      Create shared filters for my group X X  
      Create personal filters  X X X
      Add global fields to my case list X X X
      CXM training required? X    
      *If capability is added to the process by Case Builder
  8. Click Request when you have completed the form.

Additional Resources

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Self-Help Guide: Jadu Forms XFP

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