Google Docs: Add or Edit Alt Text

Always include alternative text for images, drawings, and other graphics. Otherwise, screen reader users will just hear "image." Some images automatically include alt text; even then, it's a good idea to verify that the text accurately captures the meaning you intend.

Add or edit alt text

  1. Select an image, drawing, or graphic in your Google Doc.
  2. Right click and select Alt text.
    Note: You can also type Command+Option+Y on a Mac, or Ctrl+Alt+Y on a PC.
  3. Enter a title and alt text description. Learn how to write strong alt text
  4. Select OK.

Mark an image as "decorative"

Decorative objects add visual interest but aren't informative (for example, stylistic borders). Some applications have the option to mark an image as decorative. However, Google Docs does not provide this option.

Challenge yourself to explain the content and context of an image (for example, the feeling the image is intended to invoke when viewed). If it truly carries no meaning, consider removing it entirely.