Duo Security: Set Up Duo for Departmental Accounts

As of February 2020, departmental accounts must either:

  • Manually reset their password each year, or
  • Enroll in Duo Security.

All accounts will have to reset their password at least once.

In order to enroll a departmental account in Duo Security, follow the same steps as you would to enroll an individual account. If multiple people will be using the departmental account, consider these additional factors:

  • Each person will need to add a Duo device to the departmental account, while logged into the departmental account.
    • This will make it so that any person in the department can log into that departmental account and authenticate using Duo Security.
    • Adding desk phones, tokens, or bypass codes rather than mobile devices may eliminate some confusion during the authentication process.
    • If you are unable to add your Duo device to the departmental account, contact Technology Help.
  • Each person in the account should approve only Duo authentication requests that they themselves have submitted.  For example, if Person A and Person B are both on the departmental account, Person A should not approve Person B's authentication requests.  One way to avoid confusion is to use desk phones or bypass codes rather than Duo Mobile.
  • Users of the departmental account should not check the Remember Me box.  

Note that if you do not enroll a departmental account into Duo, the account will receive automated password reset notifications at 30, 21, 14, 7, and 1 day increments before the password is expired.

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